Made in Everett

A barista pours coffee at Narrative Coffee

Everett is a city of makers, and innovators. Part of the beauty of what Everett has to offers lies in the beauty of the things these entrepreneurs have contributed to their city. Made in Everett was created to highlight the makers and innovators of Everett through showcasing what they have brought to Everett.

  1. Cafe Zippy & C. Vines: Nourishing Community with Natural Food

    Marilyn Rosenberg moved to Everett from Seattle 14 years ago. Missing the feeling of community she was accustom to after working at Pike Place Market and seeking to create a safe space for youth to express themselves, the idea of Café Zippy was born. Read on...
  2. Capers + Olives: Farm to Table Italian Guided by Passion

    Quality, locally-sourced ingredients and passion are the driving forces behind Caper + Olives, an Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Everett. These characteristics are instilled in the restaurant by head chef and owner, Jimmy Liang. Read on...
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