A Very Silvertips Evening

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If you’re visiting Everett during the Silvertips Hockey season, make sure you catch a game. Hockey games cost about the same as a movie and are a helluva lot more fun. 


Everett has a lot going for it. One advantage is that there is a decent amount of free parking. There is no need for an out-of-town Silvertips fan to pay to park. A shrewd motorist can stash their car within several blocks of the arena for absolutely free. You might need to walk a bit for it, but you’ll save a few bucks, which translates into a few more beers at the game. Then you can walk off your post-game buzz on your way back to your Jetta. Local tip: if you want to park in a garage, the Everpark garage is free on nights and weekends. Located just a few blocks west of the arena at the corner of Hewitt and Hoyt. 

Brooklyn Brothers Pizza

Sop up the beer with the best New York style pizza in town. Brooklyn Brothers caters specifically to Silvertips fans on game night. They have a huge blackboard menu offering a variety of whole pies and by-the-slice options. This place is a hip joint and it might be packed out with people in green jerseys, so make sure you leave yourself enough time to stand in line, eat, and make it to the game.

Enjoy the game

Angel of the Winds Arena is an awesome place to catch a hockey game. There literally isn’t a bad seat in the house and the good seats are still cheap. Go hard, order some stinky garlic fries, a few local beers, and yell a bunch. Local tip: bring a cowbell. Trust us. Oh, and make sure to check online before going - there’s a good chance that Angel of the Winds will be offering a ticket promo of some sort that will save you some beer money.

The afterparty

If you’re still in the mood to party after the game (good for you), here are our top choices for post-game slum-dwelling: The Fireplace, northeast of the arena on Everett Ave., or the Soundview, west of the arena on Hewitt Ave. Both offer divey Everett charm and deep fried goodness. Put a five in the jukebox, shoot some pool, and be nice to the locals. Drink a couple glasses of water before bed, then head to Sol Food in the morning for a bloody mary (1405 Hewitt). Welcome to Everett. 

Doesn’t that seaside air feel good as you walk up Hewitt Avenue through downtown? You should do this again sometime soon.

More Tips

  • Timing: Hockey has three 20-minute periods with 15 minute breaks in between, so there’s plenty of time to grab another beer or slice of pizza. 
  • Getting to your seat: If you arrive late or head out to get some food during the game, it’s considered polite to wait until a pause in play to return to your seat. Just hang out at the beginning of the aisle until there’s a slight pause. 
  • Breaks: There are all kinds of fun things that happen between periods - like a t-shirt gun
  • Chuck-a-puck: during one break between periods, visitors can participate in ‘chuck-a-puck’ - but you need to be prepared. Chuck-a-puck is a game where attendees throw a numbered puck at a series of tires lined up in the middle of the arena. The closer you get to the tires, the more likely you are to win a prize. If you want to participate, be sure to purchase your puck at the designated table. Watch for it while you walk around scoping out the food and drinks.