A novice's guide to visiting Funko

A postcard-like wall painting says 'Funko'

Funko Headquarters

2802 Wetmore Avenue
Everett, WA 98201

You can’t miss the Funko building on the corner of California and Wetmore. It’s the building with the giant toys on it and the lit-up sign.

You’ll want to tour the retail area on the ground floor. It’s equal parts Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory/Disneyland-without-the-rides and retail spot-- there are giant replicas of Funko Pops everywhere.

Pops are the main toy that Funko produces. They’re highly collectible bobble-head-looking vinyl action figures. Funko holds hundreds of licenses, so Funko Pops are available for most any television or movie franchise that you can imagine.

Kids love the Funko flagship store for the larger-than-life Hagrid from Harry Potter, Frozen’s Elsa and Luke Skywalker. It makes for a great photo op, even if you’re an adult.

The retail area will also soon have a place where you can build your own Funko Pop with a Funko artist. 

The Funko building is right in the heart of Downtown Everett, so after your tour you can walk within a two block radius to get great coffee or food. Karl’s Bakery (for some fresh donuts for the kiddos), Valley Organic Deli for lunch or the Independent Beer Bar are your best bets for cutting loose.