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Sorticulture Vendor Questionnaire

  1. Artist Contact
  2. Trailer storage
  3. Are you bringing a trailer that you will use as a 'stock room' during the show?
    We have limited trailer parking. Trailer parking is inside the festival and <1 block from all vendor booth spaces.
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  5. If we could provide you with storage inside of a secure building located centrally located in the festival, would that work as well, or better than trailer parking?
    Moving carts will be available!
  6. RV Parking
  7. Do you need RV parking?
    We have limited RV parking. RVs must be self-contained. RV parking will be 1.5 miles from the festival.
  8. Placement and Loading
  9. Load-in will be on 6/10/21. What load-in time do you prefer?
    We'll do our best to schedule you for your preferred load-in time. We cannot guarantee you will receive your preferred loading time.
  10. Does your booth/tent have sides and/or a back that's 6' tall?
  11. Can your booth be on a very slight hill?
    The main entrance is on a very slight hill. It's a nice placement, but may not work for certain vendors. We have hosted vendor booths on this hill before without any complaints. However, if you have hanging items, it may mess with your vibe somewhat.
  12. Do you have really heavy or large items?
    If so, we'll try to put you as close to the loading zone as possible.
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