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Restaurant Month business submission

  1. How do you want to to participate?
    There are three categories to participate in: prix fixe, unicorns and deals and steals. Select a checkbox below for each of the categories you plan to participate in, then describe your promotions. You can email Tyler Chism at any time during the promotion to make updates. Updates will be completed on the website within two business days.
  2. Prix fixe (fixed price)
    Prix fixe menus feature three-course dinners at a fixed price point of $30 per person. Menus are chef-designed and can change at the chef's discretion. A lunch version of $16 per person is optional. Which would you like to participate in?
  3. We won't list your prix fixe menu offerings, but we'll list your business as a participating business. Where should we direct people to learn more? Should people visit your website? Should they call? Social media?
    Unicorns are “mythical menu items” that are only available during Everett Restaurant Month. Participating businesses should get creative here and show off their expertise. Go big or go weird – wherever your imagination leads. Unicorns are sure to be a marketing hit. Have a crazy idea for something you’ve always wanted to put on the menu? Now's the time.
  4. Please describe your unicorn menu item. Bonus points if you upload a high-quality photo of it. We'll share these on social media.
    Think of this as a super-local "value menu.” A business may offer menu items at price points of $1, $5 and $10. This category is meant to show love to those on a budget and introduce new people to your business
  5. Please describe your deals and steals offerings. Include any information you want us to share about terms and conditions, limits etc.
  6. Your contact information
    Provide your contact information below if we need to contact you.
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