Spring and Summer Walks

Relax and enjoy some of these leisurely walks around Everett that show off its brightest colors of the season. 



Take a riverfront stroll on the edge of the historic Lowell neighborhood, next to the Snohomish River. The sounds of the water and cool winds blowing off the river make for a perfect walk on a warm day. The downtown core is just a quick drive away, so work up an appetite then stop in the city for dinner. 


Langus Riverfront Park 

The northeastern-most park in the city is a great place to walk and check out local wildlife. The path takes you deep into an estuary filled with birds and driftwood. Interesting historical note: until the 1980s this park was a neglected area on the outskirts of the city. A group of volunteers converged to clean up the area and now it’s one of the most scenic walks in the city, a great place to admire plant and wildlife. 


Colby Avenue (from 19th Street to 10th Street) 

During the warmer months, the colorful trees along Colby Avenue create a cool, shady canopy over the historic businesses and century-old homes lining the street. This walk is perfect for those looking for a quick stroll in a well-traveled area. Pick up an iced coffee or a sandwich along the way at Café Makario - a cozy, little café located right on Colby Avenue. Head just a little further west and make a stop at Grand Avenue Park, where you can take in the spring greenery at Everett’s best viewpoint. 


Forgotten Creek Trail 

If you can find Forgotten Creek, congratulations! The appeal of this little nature walk is its accessibility inside the urban core and its camouflaged location.  
Here’s what to do. Grab a snack or a coffee downtown. Then drive or walk to the Providence Pacific campus. The entrance to Forgotten Creek is on the far west side of the hospital, across the street. Look for a park bench. The path leads you down into a forested gully and across little boardwalk footbridges. It’s a great little nature retreat, right where you least expect it. 


Japanese Gulch 

This park has a big off-leash dog area and foot trails that lead down to the water. It’s a good place to go rambling most any time of day. The trail is ideally situated for a cool walk or bike through canopies of giant maple trees. The easily-marked trails lead you on an adventure through train tracks, glimpses of the Puget Sound and refreshing waterfalls; all perfect for a visit when the warmer weather hits. 


Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens 

Discover whole worlds of art, plant and native life at the Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens. A treasure of Everett since 1963, these gardens span just over three acres with 11 themed gardens for you to explore. Tour every corner of the grounds from PNW native plant life such as spring perennials, evergreen shrubbery and deciduous plants with shredding bark; a tree walk with fringe, blooming and fruit trees; and various sculptures throughout. 


Grand Avenue Park 

Grand Avenue Park allows you to enjoy one of the most scenic places in Everett. Explore open green spaces, waterfront views and a little bit of city history. Take some time to appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of the Grand Avenue Park Bridge as you take a stroll to the waterfront. Stay until dusk to enjoy the views of the sun setting over the harbor.  


Narrative and chill 

Too hot to walk? If you want to beat the heat, head to Narrative Coffee. Get a cold beverage to cool down. Or if you catch us on a rainy day, their hot beverages will warm you right up. Chill on comfy couches with a good book. You can listen to the ambient sounds of the city and get lost in a specialty coffee beverage.